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School Policies

The New York City Department Of Education Chancellor's regulations cover a wide range of policies. Volumes A, B, C and D Regulations, are accessible here.
The Discipline Code is also known as the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning. It:
  • Is age-specific with one set for grades K-5 and another for grades 6-12.
  • Explains the standards for behavior in the New York City public schools.
  • Describes supports, interventions, and disciplinary responses that schools can use when students demonstrate unwelcome behavior.

Below is the new "Lateness Policy", which is effective Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022. Parents/Guardians and students, please read it thoroughly.  We have also provided a summary of the Policy below. 


Summary of the Lateness Policy


  1. Good attendance, which includes, arriving to school and class on time increases a student's chance to perform better in school and gives the student more opportunities to learn.
  2. Lateness to school and/or class will lead to after-school detention.  There will be after-school detention daily.
  3. Student inability or failure to comply with this new Policy can result in disciplinary action including parent/guardian conference, class removal and/or principal's suspension. 
  4. Students who have "good attendance" will be recognized and rewarded.
Excelsior Administration 
Under DOE policy, students may not harass, intimidate, bully or sexually harass other students. Students may also not discriminate against or harass, intimidate or bully students on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, citizenship/immigration status, religion, creed, national origin, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or weight.

Below is the new "Cell-Phone & Electronic Policy", which is effective Monday, September 12th, 2022.  Parents/Guardians and students, please read it thoroughly.  We have also provided a summary of the Policy below. 


Summary of Cell-Phone & Electronics Policy (September 2022)


  1. All cell-phones will be collected at scanning as students enter the school building and returned to students at the end of the school-day. 
  2. The purpose of this new Policy is to improve student focus, and encourage positive interactions between students on and off campus. 
  3. Bluetooth devices e.g. headphones and smart watches, are not permitted for usage during any class. 
  4. Student inability or failure to comply with this new Policy can result in disciplinary action including after-school detention, parent/guardian conference, class removal and/or principal's suspension.  
Excelsior Administration
Clothes have to cover bodies in "coverage area".Dress Code Coverage area
>> No sheer and/or transparent clothing <<
>> Visible face and head unless there is medical and/or religious exception <<
Clothes can be expressive, but cannot promote drug use, violence, gangs, racism, bigotry, sexism and/or be sexual.



Effective Nov 21, 2022


At Excelsior, we expect our scholars to be present, on-time, and eager and prepared to learn.  Our goal is to utilize instructional time wisely and keep our scholars focused, engaged and safe.  Hall-walking, cutting and tardiness are impeding our progress in achieving that goal for all of our scholars.  

Due to the increasing volume of tardiness and cuts, Excelsior is implementing a “Hall Sweep” policy effective Monday, November 21, 2022.  Routine and unannounced “Hall Sweeps” will keep our halls clear, help our teachers maximize instructional time and keep our scholars on-task. 


  • All restrooms are closed the first and final ten (10) minutes of each period. Scholars are not allowed to go to the restroom unless there is an emergency.  
  • Warning bell sounds (first bell). Period ends, students are dismissed and must proceed to their next period class.
  • Scholars are given four (4) minutes to transition.
  • Teachers will be outside of their classrooms encouraging scholars to get to their next class.  
    • (1) classroom doors will be locked, but left wide open during the transition period.
  • Final bell sounds (after 2 minutes). Teachers will begin instructional time:
    • (1) teachers will give scholars a “Do Now” assignment, short assessment (e.g. pop quizzes) and/or only collect assignments (e.g. homework) during the first 5 mins of class. Scholars who have unexcused latenesses will not be allowed to make-up any assignments given the first few minutes of class.  
  • After two minutes following the final bell, teachers will close their locked doors.
  • School administration will then sweep all floors and move scholars to a designated room.
  • Once processed, scholars will be given a pass and sent back to class.
    • Teachers are then to accept scholars in class while recording his/her/their tardiness. 
    • A digital file will be maintained tracking scholars’ attendance status.
    • Scholars must have an authorized classroom pass while in the hallways. 


    1st OFFENSE

    Verbal Warning

    2nd OFFENSE

    1 day of After-School Detention

    3rd OFFENSE 

    Parent Conference

    4th OFFENSE 

    1-3 days of Principal’s Suspension**

    *If a scholar is insubordinate, defiant and/or rude/disrespectful to school administration during hall sweeps, that scholar will receive an immediate one-day principal’s suspension and  parent(s)/guardian(s) will have to attend a conference with school administration before that scholar is allowed to return to school.  

    **If a scholar is given a “Principal’s Suspension”, that scholar will report to school the following day for 2.5 hours and will complete assigned work in a “safe room” away from peers and classroom teachers. “Principal Suspensions” remain on scholars’ records until the end of the school-year and can impact scholars’ participation in school sports and school-sponsored events.