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STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

STEAM is the integration of these content areas while leading students through design and inquiry processes that include investigating, planning, problem solving, creating, evaluating, reflecting, and retooling design models and prototypes that solve real world problems and challenges.
This process helps students make connections between what they are learning in school with their real-life environment.
This learning approach helps to develop the “whole” child and helps students develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter through the practical application of skills while experiencing the joy of expressing themselves through music, drama, dance, and the visual arts.

science logoScience
Science is everywhere in today’s world. It is part of our daily lives from cooking, gardening to recycling. We embrace the significance of science in things we do every day.

Technology is transforming how we learn, work and play. We live in a digital word with a global economy, so we embrace our world today and future technologies.

Engineering is the practical application of science, technology, and math which emphasizes how to solve real word issues using hands-on learning and designing models and prototypes …It’s Fun and Engaging!

paint palette Art
Fine Arts develop the imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills of students across content areas.

Mathematics is the foundation of science, engineering and technology and helps students develop problem-solving, analysis, and reasoning skills.