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The Gateway Institute is composed of minority students who are academically motivated and capable of benefiting from a rigorous course of study. These students are selected by a joint committee of high school personnel on the basis of students’ academic accomplishments, interests, and achievement testing and teacher recommendations. Gateway students must participate in yearly after-school and summer enrichment programs, receive extensive work in science and math, and engage in early college and career planning with individualized guidance. These students are expected to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma and or the Capstone Diploma.
Gateway Institute for Pre College Education
Formerly known as Gateway to Higher Education, started in NYC September 1986. Its initial goal was to prepare high school students from demographics underrepresented in science, medicine, and technology, for higher education in those fields. Gateway relies on its strong partnerships with the public school system, medical centers, cultural institutions, universities and research facilities.
Requirements for admission
Students had to meet certain basic criteria to be accepted into the program. They had to:
  • score above the 50th percentile both in New York City’s Seventh Grade Math test and in its Degrees of Reading Power test,
  • have regular attendance
  • generally have grades above 80 on a 100-point scale
  • strong family support
  • desire to pursue a science-based career