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Speak with Ms. Branning if you are interested.
Speak with Mrs. Smath if you are interested.
Want to show your basketball skills on the court?!   Want to compete with your friends for a "championship"?!  Join our "My Brothers & Sisters Keepers" (MBSK) 3-on-3 basketball league.  We'll have an informational meeting soon.  Please complete the google form in your "Class of    " classroom to join, and see Mr. Hershkowitz for more details.
Staff mentors are Mrs. Johnson-Reid, Ms. Morris and Ms. Michel-Gedeon. They meet every Thursday in collaboration with Girls Inc.
Limited seats available, speak with Staff Advisor Ms. Graham for more information.
"Open Gym" every morning from 7:20am to 8am! It will officially start on Wednesday, March 9th. 

All you have to do is show up at the main lobby by 7:20am with your phone in its protective bag and ready for scanning.  Ms. Branning will supervise you as you engage in free, positive play with members of members of your school community as well as our building community.   
Staff advisor: Mr. Leggio
Spots are limited, see Ms. Delva for registration.
Ballet - Jazz - Modern - Tap - Bring your genre, bring your feet!
Speak with Ms. Thomas if you're interested!
with Ms. Cannonier
Welcoming communities for LGBQTIA+ students and allies at Excelsior providing a space for students to connect, discuss, share, and learn.
This club meets in Room 327 on Wednesdays from 2:30pm - 3:30pm.
Advisor: Erick Nolan
NHS student membership is not only a mark of academic achievement, it goes far beyond a report card. All student members must also reflect the program’s respective pillars to be inducted—ideals such as scholarship, service, leadership, and character—and they must continue demonstrating these pillars within their community throughout their membership.
Staff advisor: Ms. Johnson


Student council is a group of elected students working together with an adult advisor (Mrs. Burney) within the framework of a constitution to provide a means for student expression and leadership, and assistance in school affairs and activities.


1. To initiate, implement, and complete projects and activities which will be of help to the school, the students, the staff and School Leadership Team (SLT).
2. To develop and provide opportunities for leadership and service in school and in the community.
3. To provide a living workshop of democratic processes through such activities as elections, participation in a constitutional representative assembly, etc.
4. To contribute to the educational experiences of students by providing them with a positive involvement in the school, with widened areas of responsibilities and with more direct participation in organizing and implementing activities.
5. To promote an awareness of human relations and power structures, and how one effectively operates within them.
6. To provide a viable means for student expression and an increasing amount of self direction.
7. To improve understanding between and within groups through interaction and communication.
8. To increase student involvement and school pride.


a. Eight class representatives (two from each grade).
b. Senior Class Representatives will be the Co-Presidents.
c. A Treasurer and Secretary will be selected among the elected members of Student Council (senior class representatives, the co-presidents, are excluded).

Constitution (agreed by-laws)

Will be created and voted on during the first Student Council meeting.

Elections for Class Representatives

   i.  Must have passed all classes marking period 1.
   ii. Must have at least an 80 grade point average.
   i. Must join Student Council google classroom and post all election materials there.
   ii. Must create a 2-minute video presenting your candidacy. Your video must include:
     a. Your full name.
     b. Your grade.
     c. Explanation of what makes you a good candidate.
     d. Explanation of what you think Excelsior needs to improve on.
     e. Identification of some goals and ideas you have for the school.
   *Make sure the video captures you from waist up, that the volume is good and the lighting is on point.
   iii. Must submit a written response to the question "Share an experience that highlights your leadership and leadership style or write about a leader you admire and why."
   iv. Create a campaign poster
     a. Must be on 8 ½ x 11” paper.
     b. Must include a headshot, your name and what you’re running for (eg, 9th Grade Class Representative)
     c. Must be positive and cannot mention other candidates.
     d. Cannot make promises you can’t keep (eg: promise potential voters tangible things like candy or money).
     e. Posters must be digital.
   v. Video, writing response and poster must be submitted on google classroom by Monday, 11/22.

Student Council Meetings

Bi-Weekly on Thursdays, 3:20-4:45pm
The World Cup is just around the corner!  No need to wait for it when you can sharpen and display your skills in our spring soccer league!  Come and join us!  Please complete the google form in the "Class of   " classroom to join, and see Mr. Moonah for more details.
Supervised weight lifting in the weight room, Staff Advisors Mr. Hershkowitz and Mr. Weiss
  1. Soccer league
Reminder students, all of our clubs are created based on student interest. If a group of you has an interest and there's an available staff member who shares that interest with you, we will support you in creating a space for your interest.