2023-24 Senior Contract

Excelsior Preparatory High School 

Springfield Gardens Educational Campus, Rm. 331

143-10 Springfield Blvd. 

Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 

Phone: 718-525-6507 | Fax: 525-6276

Rodney Orji, Principal 

            Tomas Baez, Assistant Principal  

              Jabari N Kosi, Assistant Principal  

October 10th, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians:  

Congratulations!  Your child has reached a major crossroad in education: their final year in high school!!!  Though we are celebrating their transition into adulthood and/or college life throughout this school-year, we want to remind our kids of a very important life lesson: everything comes at a cost.  The Department of Education, unfortunately, makes no financial provision for any senior class activity–not even graduation ceremony!  For this reason, students and their families must pay for senior activities. 

We are planning various events to celebrate your child’s final year in high school and we want to ensure that you are aware of the costs associated with these activities.  As you budget for specific senior expenses, please note that all payments are nonrefundable. There will be deadlines for all payments, which are outlined on the second page of this letter, and you and your family can choose to participate in additional senior activities outside of “Senior Dues”.  There will be some payments that you will make directly to the school (e.g. “Senior Dues”); however, there are activities/services that you will pay for directly through certain contracted vendors (e.g. “Senior Pictures”).   We hope that a detailed breakdown of senior-related expenses and a schedule for payment deadlines will help families plan and prepare for their child’s senior year accordingly. 

We are also asking that each student, along with his/her/their parent/guardian, carefully read the attached “Senior Contract”, sign it and return it to Mrs. Smath.  In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we want students and parents to be aware that certain behaviors and violations of school policies can jeopardize a student’s ability to participate in senior activities, including graduation ceremony.  This agreement specifically states that if a student is found to be ineligible to participate in any senior activity, due to negative conduct, money will not be refunded for any paid activity– this is inclusive of commencement and prom.  Excelsior expects our seniors to be leaders and model representatives of their families and our school. 

Thank you again for partnering with us and allowing us to learn with and from your child.  Though we will miss your child dearly when they graduate, we are grateful for being part of their academic journeys.  We’re excited to celebrate with them this school-year and look forward to witnessing more of their accomplishments! 


Mrs. Geri Smath 

Senior Activities Coordinator (SAC)  

Cc: Rodney Orji, Principal

Cc: Tomas Baez, Assistant Principal

Cc: Jabari N Kosi, Assistant Principal

Cc: Leightotya Johnson-Reid, Guidance Counselor 


  • Cost: $250 
  • Covered Items/Activities: 
  1. Senior Breakfast - Friday 10/6/23
  2. Yearbook 
  3. Senior BBQ
  4. Senior Banquet/Awards Night (in-house) - Thursday 5/30/24 
  5. Graduation Attire (Graduation Cap, Gown, Tassel, Diploma Cover, & Custom Stole)
  6. Graduation Ceremony (tents, chairs, decorations and technical  equipment for streaming the event)
  7. Senior Gear: Student-designed sweatshirt, sweatpants, and t-shirt. 

  •  Payment Deadlines (to be paid in two installments of $80 and 1 installment of $90):
  • Monday, October 30th, 2023
  • Monday, November 27th, 2023
  • Friday, January 19, 2024

  • Yearbook : Will be disseminated to students in June 2024 (date TBA)
  • Senior BBQ :  June 13, 2024 - 2:00pm 
  • Graduation Details:
  • Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm 
  • Only seniors who have met graduation requirements for June 2024 will be eligible to attend the ceremony. 
  • Graduates must be present 1 1/2  hours prior to start time (10:30am). 

  •  Tentative January graduation date: January 26, 2023 1-3 pm


  • Senior Pictures:  Picture Day will be 3 days this year.  Seniors  will receive an appointment card for 1/17/24, 1/18/24  or 1/19/24.  
    • Option 1: Pay a sitting fee of $15 on the date of your appointment to be photographed.  (studio chooses your yearbook photo with this option)
    • Option 2: Pay $30 on the date of appointment , this includes sitting fee AND  access  to view proofs on www.continentalstudios.com  and make a selection for your  yearbook photo.  Students may view  all photo package options via this website as well. 

Cost: Varies depending on package selection.  Payments will be made directly to the vendor, Continental Studios. 

  • Prom: Prom date,  location, and cost are all TBA. Payment deadline is on Monday, February 12th, 2024.  

  • Senior Trips: There is a winter overnight trip to Villa Roma planned for February 9-11th, and a spring Six Flags Grad Nite Trip planned for June 7th 2024 . Trip cost and payment deadline are all TBA.

PAYMENTS:  Collection of “Senior Dues” will take place only during 5th periods Tuesday & Thursday to Mrs. Smath in Room 335. Please do not submit funds to anyone else.  A receipt will be issued for every payment made.  Personal checks will not be accepted; payments should be made in cash or money orders. Money orders should be written out to Excelsior Preparatory High School.  Payments to all senior activities are  nonrefundable.  Only seniors who are on track for graduation with their cohort are eligible to attend the prom.

Excelsior Preparatory High School 

                                         Springfield Gardens Educational Campus 

143-10 Springfield Blvd. 

Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 

Phone: 718-525-6507 | Fax: 525-6276 

                   Rodney Orji, Principal 

          Tomas Baez, Assistant Principal  

     Jabari N’Kosi, Assistant Principal  


I ______________________________________, do agree to abide by the following items of this senior contract for the remainder of my senior year:

  • Maintain good academic standing in all enrolled courses (attain at least a passing grade of 65 in each class at the end of each marking period).
  • Complete all course requirements as per Excelsior Preparatory High School, and earn 44 credits, as per New York State requirements.
  • Attend at least two parent teacher conferences or senior specific parent meetings with parent or guardian or parent calls to discuss needs for graduation with a counselor directly. 
  • Have no more than 10 unexcused absences (excluding school sponsored activities) per any one class (3 tardies = 1 absence). Medical exceptions will be considered at the discretion of school administration.
  • Have no more than one (1) suspension and/or class removal. 
  • Meet all financial obligations–including senior dues, text books and library books.
  • Participate in all graduation rehearsals (during June Regents Week).
  • Refrain from participation in senior pranks or any activity that defaces school property or disrupts school events.

I___________________________ have carefully read this contract with my parent(s)/guardian(s) and agree to meet the expectations outlined as a senior at Excelsior Preparatory High School.  I also understand that if I fail to meet any of the aforementioned expectations, I will be putting myself at risk of being excluded from certain and/or all senior activities, including commencement, at the discretion of the Principal. 

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