Jerky Turkey

Jerky Turkey

When Is Jerky Turkey?  Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022.

What’s It All About?  A time for Excelsior to come together as a community and celebrate Thanksgiving through a family harvest of food!

How Do We Participate?  Bring in a dish that is fully cooked at home to add to our festivities.  Common foods are: Mac and cheese, rice, chicken (any style), stuffing, and baked ziti.  In other words, bring any holiday food.  Don’t forget about Dessert!

How Does This All Work?  Drop off all contributions in the main lobby before 8 am and follow normal entry procedures.  Parents may drop off contributions in the main lobby before 10 am.

Submit your item on Jerky Turkey…

  1. In a disposable container, labeled…
  2. Labels must include: Student’s Name, name of the food, and allergens.

How Much Should I Bring?  Bring enough to feed your own advisory.  This means that any contribution must serve 20 to 30 students.