College Now Applications for Spring 2023 Semester are open

  1. Finance @ Springfield Gardens
  2. History of the Caribbean @ Springfield Gardens
  3. Statistics @ Springfield Gardens
  4. Human Genetics @ Springfield Gardens
  5. Child Development @ Springfield Gardens
  6. Psychology @ York college
  7. Sociology @ York College
  8. Social Justice Through the lens of Hip-Hop @ York College –for sophomore only.
  9. Backyard Toxicology @ York College (you need a separate application for this course)

*All courses at York College are virtual.

* Courses at Springfield Gardens are in person

If interested in applying for any of the above programs please follow the directions below or see your Guidance Counselor or Ms. Michel-Gedeon in Room 337C (Pd 8).  The deadline to apply is Nov 23, 2022



  1. Obtain a CUNY First ID-   please follow the steps below – This is ONLY for students who are registering for the first time for College Now.)


If you already know, your CUNY first ID go DIRECTLY to step 10.

  1. Fill in the Google form in step 10.


Obtaining a CUNY First ID.

Step 1. Go to


(For best result, copy and paste the link into a new tab)


Step 2: Go to register Now (Create a username and a password)

Step 3: Click on register Now

Step 4: Click OK

Step 5: Log in using the username and password created

Step 6: Answer ALL the required information

If you DO NOT KNOW your social security just enter 000-00-0000

If you do not remember grades you had on exam enter NA

Step 7. Fill in ALL the required information and submit the application

Step 8. After you submit, the application a "Welcome" page will be generated. Below the Welcome banner there is a bar on the far right that says "View/Print Summary" That summary provides a copy of your completed application

Step 9: Scroll down to the 2nd page and look at the left margin you will see your CUNY First ID

Take a screenshot of this number for future uses

Step 10. Fill out the google form below