Covid Response

If a student has any covid-19 symptom, they are sent to the nurses office for a preliminary assessment:
  1. If the nurse decides the student is not displaying a symptom, they are sent back to class.
  2. If the nurse confirms covid symptoms, that student is sent to a quarantine room and the family is immediately contacted to pick up the child. When the family member arrives, they will be provided with 2 Rapid test, the first test is to be taken at home the same day, the second test to be taken three days later.
If a student has a positive covid test:
  • The student must quarantine for 5 days.
  • Families should immediately contact the school so we may conduct test + trace procedures.
  • A “Return After Symptoms” letter is emailed to the family of the student. The letter outlines when they can return to the school building.
Our test+trace procedures and notifications are created by the NYC DOE Situation Room.
  1. The school identifies all rooms the student was in for more that 10 minutes, the “Family Notification of Case” letter and two Rapid Tests are given to all students who shared a classroom space.
  2. The “Staff Notification of Case” letter is emailed to all staff with prolonged contact, and teachers are notified to provide work to students whose health allow them to study remotely.
  3. A “Schoolwide Notification of Case” call is made to the entire school community to notify them of a case(s) in the building. (If your child did not receive a Rapid Test, they were not identified as a close contact.)
Let's help each other remain safe and healthy Excelsior Prep. If your child is ill, please keep them at home.